Top rated video baby monitors 2013

When you have a baby, those precious moments tend to fly by quickly. Even though it may not be possible or feasible to be physically present at all times, especially during nap times and nights, making sure your child is secure even when you are not in the same room is important. Depending on the features and capabilities you are looking for in a monitor, you can find cheap prices for video baby monitors and optimal capabilities so that you will feel connected to your child out of the room, home or even out of town. Take a look at the features of one monitor to clarify how to find the most popular video baby monitors.

One of the top rated video baby monitors 2013 is the Lorex LIVE Sense PT Baby Monitoring System. Lorex is one of the leaders in security camera technology, with this part monitor, part surveillance camera; you would only expect this baby monitoring system to function unlike any other. The multi-angle camera captures video in real time, allowing a view of your baby from every angle. Night vision is another option which allows the lights to be kept low while still providing a sharp, clear picture for remote viewing.

Since we know you have a busy lifestyle, the monitor is compatible with your smartphone, giving you the convenience of monitoring your baby on the go. The duel audio system not only lets you hear your baby in distress, but also allows your baby to hear your voice when the integrated lullabies just aren’t cutting it.

There are many precious moments to capture when your baby is awake and active. You have that part covered, but the monitor steps in when you aren’t there. A highlighted feature is the memory card slot, so those precious moments can be preserved, transferred to a computer and uploaded directly via Facebook, and even on YouTube. Your family may not always be in town, so instead of arranging lengthy visits, don’t let them miss a moment; the monitor can also be used long distance via Skype.

Additional features include the ability to track the room temperature and determine if it cools down or warms up too quickly, a factor which could disturb your baby’s’ sleep.  A timer is also included to help you stay on schedule, and because we know your family is just starting to grow, 4 additional camera can be added on at any time. Don’t let those moments slip fast, treat yourself to one of the best video baby monitors 2013. This makes this Lorex product as one of the best devices for monitoring your child when you are not by the side of your baby.

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